Tips and Wisdom on choosing Stone Flooring

Chapter 2: Getting Floored


He, the husboo, said Italian Marble and I shuddered at the mere thought of having ‘prosciutto’ slammed all over my living and kitchen area. I knew nothing about flooring but I sure as hell knew that I didn’t want slimy veins wandering across my floor (eeeek). It’s frightening that it’s advertised as a USP by these fancy luxury/designer homes!!

My home is the product of extensive research and effort to hunt down the right people to execute my not-so-common ideas. But when it came to flooring, neither was I given enough time or enough choice: I had to choose from the supplier assigned by the builder and I had to choose quick. So choose, I did – a combination of flooring & colours: stones to tiles to laminates in shades of black & white & dark brown – nothing to be ecstatic about. But thankfully, it does not look like cured meat and it’s neutral enough to not distract from the decor. What I’d like to share with you  is my learnings from the uninformed decision I made, so that you don’t make the same error.

On my trip to the supplier’s quarry, I laid my eyes upon this supremely matte & slightly textured jet black beauty. I could immediately visualise the dramatic contrast this unconventional gorgeous stone would create against the gloomy undone walls I had in mind. I closed the deal without a second thought. I very well knew that black floors are notorious for showing every speck of dust but I was ready to provide that extra love that was required. What I didn’t know was that this beauty of mine, belonging to the family of natural stones, came with its own set of flaws.

What did I pick? A granite. No, not your usual shiny granite (not a fan of shiny polished floors) but an unpolished one with a leathered finish (lovely grainy texture). The one major flaw that my rock has is that it’s susceptible to acids (and no, it’s not a sealing issue). Think boozy parties: painful. Add a dog, who loves to sprinkle on the black floor every single time that he is upset (no other floor, just that one) to the mix = absolute NIGHTMARE! Even though the stains fade over time, it’s a constant struggle to maintain this floor.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this floor: it adds to the decor. I have received endless compliments for it and have had people feel the texture to figure what exactly it even is! However, I have also come to realise that I am not the one for high maintenance floors such as this.

But, don’t distance yourself from this beauty, if you like unpolished rocks go check her out & make an informed choice (unlike myself). Do remember all granites are not the same and it’s possible to eliminate a problematic candidate using these simple pointers:

GraniteInfographic final

For details on (i) Water Test: click here; (ii) Lemon Test: click here

tipsinfographic final

If you do choose stone flooring for your home, I hope these simple tips help you get stoned in an informed manner! Good luck!

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