The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit isn’t really feeling it in the 21st century – it just doesn’t seem to be working for him anymore. The ‘new age’ humans seem to have lost their sense of wonder – no one seems to want to chase him down the rabbit hole! This is rather worrisome as it’d be absolutely horrifying to have to live in a dreary world with no dreamers and adventurers!

It’s the waist-coat, may be? Makes him look too aristocratic and unexciting? Or is it that he has become laid-back and just isn’t at the right place at the right time? Whatever it is, it’s time to get his groove back! It’s time to drop the waistcoat and keep it casual,  and hang a bundle of clocks around the neck to ensure fanatical punctuality! May be now these humans will follow him to fantastic, fanciful, fabulous adventures.

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