The Solitude of St. Jacinto

Once upon a time, the inhabitants of a quaint little island not so far way pinky swore to each other to protect their ancestral land from outsiders and to never ever sell out to crass commercialism. For my last post from this year’s Goa series, I lucked upon the oasis of calm that is Sao Jacinto island – not yet touched by tourism, let alone commercialism (all thanks to that pinky swear some wise folks made). It truly is a wondrous place where time stands still and peace and calm seeps into the very core of your being. To make up for the missed opportunities (i.e. all the trips to Goa devoid of a visit to charming Sao Jacinto), I promise myself that I will be whipping up a flask of tea and sipping away in the light of the setting sun while dangling my legs in the gentle sea that laps the shore of this secluded isle, every damn time I am in Goan lands! Au revoir, Sao Jacinto. I’ll be back for more.

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Denim Patchwork co-ord: Dirty Ego  | Gypsy Coin Necklace: Anjuna Flea Market Retro headscarf: Forever21| Shoes: H&M

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