The Mad Hatter

The Hatter and Mr. Time haven’t seemed to have sort out their issues yet, resulting in the Hatter going strong with his Un-Birthday celebrations and treating himself to bonkers tea and nutty cakes at a terrace tea party.

 But I hear that the Hatter is furious, as the March Hare hasn’t shown up despite the truck load of invites sent to him! Just to get the March Hare hopping mad with jealousy, the Hatter has got Mr. Ess Vee Iyengar of M/s Ess Vee Iyengar Bakery fame to supply super yummy rainbow coloured dainty cakes and pastries to the tea partay!

 I know it’s isn’t very civil to go to a party without being invited but with the dandy Hatter playing the gracious host and so many tea-things (and black black johnnie) put out on the table, you’d have to be Tweedle Dum to miss it!

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 P.S: To conjure up this mad party, I needed help! A special shout out to:

  • my dear friend, Shruti, who spent half a day working on the ribbon garland back-drop, shopping for the tea-partay, and setting up the table with me!
  • Anjana from the Whole Nine Yards who add muchiness to our (otherwise would’ve been ignored) tree and made our party, much more muchier!

I think Shruti may continue being a lawyer for a few more years but for any such mad (or not so mad) décor requirements, you can get in touch with Anjana here.

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