The Life Changing Loaf of Bread

Those of you clued into the health food scene must have heard of /baked the ‘life changing loaf of bread’. For the others,  ‘LCLOB’  is basically a flourless bread, loaded with nuts and seeds, bound together with psyllium husk.  This toasty, nutty, seedy goodness (recipe by one of my favourite food bloggers Sarah Britton – My New Roots), is a HUGE hit amongst the health conscious all across the world! I have been baking this bread quite regularly for past 3 months and I must say that it’s crazy easy to make – even I, the barely novice baker, haven’t once managed to muck it up!  All that you need to know about the bread and the recipe can be accessed here on Sarah’s blog here. I am just going to be offering my two cents based on my experience of baking, storing, & eating this YUMMY bread.

  1. While the recipe asks for a silicone pan, I have made it in both metal and silicone pans and they’ve both worked just fine.
  2. I couldn’t find rolled oats so I substituted with rye flakes (which I picked up from Nature’s Basket, Indiranagar) and it worked fine. Apparently, amaranth flour and buckwheat flakes work well too (I, personally, haven’t tried either though).
  3. I picked up psyllium husk (isabgol) at the pharmacy next door but I, recently, discovered some organic psyllium at ‘Green Life’, the organic store in Indiranagar.
  4. The recipe seems pretty flexible to additions and substitutions. In my second batch, I additionally threw in pumpkin and sesame seeds which worked well. YEY!
  5. I replaced the maple syrup with molasses, which gave my bread a gorgeous colour. Honey seems to do the job just fine too.
  6. Slice it BEFORE you put in the fridge. If you slice it later, it WILL crumble.
  7. This bread is super filling (just a slice at a time is enough), so for a family of two (my son with paws is too cool for even cool bread such as LCLOB), it lasts us at least a week. I wrap it tightly in the wax paper and place it in an airtight container in the fridge.
  8. This bread goes well with almost everything. In addition to using it as a salad crunch or as croutons for your soup , here are various toppings I’ve tried so far:
  • Sliced avocado, salt, black pepper, & olive oil
  •  Peanut butter
  • Almond Butter
  •  Organic butter and a bowl of soup on the side
  •  Goat cheese
  •  Blueberry preserve
  • Sautéed Spinach & potato
  •  Good ol’ daal tadka
  • Other leftover veggies

If you do try the recipe out, I’d love to hear from you.

NOTE: Btw, Chaitali from Taantraa Organic Handbaking makes an awesome loaf of nuts & seeds bread (and a host of other yummy and healthy goodies). So if you don’t have the time to bake, you have got to try out this super healthy bread by Chaitali : visit her Facebook page here.

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