The Guardians of the Galaxy @ the Kumbh 2015

The Galactic Council may have decreed Earth off limits, but the halfling, Star-Lord, seems to have continued to have special interest in the activities of our planet. His curiosity increased when he received a telepathic message regarding the biggest spritual congregation of mystical earthlings. With the Guardians being occupied in far reaches of the galaxy, he conscripted a Watcher to track this significant, one-of-a kind event known as the ‘Kumbh’.

 To avoid detection, the Watcher (rumour has it that she has a thing for Groot) took on human guise and I only barely managed to spot her amidst the thronging crowd because of the ethereal bling on her sleeves and, of course, the curious gears & gadgets – the gamma ray eye wear to protect her in the event of an unfortunate attack and an interplanetary communication device to relay instant messages to the Guardians. Fortunately, this gathering of meta-humans and regular earthlings turned out to be pretty fun and peaceful. Here are some of the images that the Watcher shared with Star-Lord that I managed to intercept:

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