The Great Gatsby Gala @ the Kumbh 2015

What’s the quickest way to snuff out innumerable sins? It’s elementary, dear Watson. Attend the mother of all parties: the grand ol’ Kumbh, take a dip in the turbid holy water and there you are – squeaky clean!

The guest list is the crème de la crème – an ultimate smorgasbord of saints, sinners, ascetics, mendicants, mystics, philosophers, adventurers, and wanderers – all dressed in their finest and brightest to celebrate the most spectacular fair of faith. The Kumbh, I must tell you, is a stunner – a decadent party for which you break out your feather boa, fringe, and gangster duds! I, for sure, decked right up to compete for the ‘best dressed’. The festivities for me lasted 3 days. Here’s Day 1:

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