I’m Smita. I don a pixie-cut. I live in Bangalore. (unnecessary facts but enough for a quick intro). For those interested in more details, please read on:

Do you know that feeling in your gut, when you enjoy your job but still feel ‘naaah, this is not it’. Well! Happened to me, not once but twice! First, during my time as a corporate lawyer, & then again, during a management stint with a fashion company. Now after this wandering phase (which is sort of a constant now), a bit of soul searching, & an exciting break of doing absolutely nothing for the past few months (doing nothing = not having a job, lots of travel, learning exciting new things, focusing on a healthy lifestyle, & meeting super interesting people), I have concluded that indulging my creative mind: free of briefs, rules, & expectations, is the only thing that’s going to float my boat!

So, here I am, featuring all that makes my heart do a tango & hoping that you will enjoy it.