Sin-tillating: An Eyeful of Eclecticism with Marie Olsson Nylander

I just finished going through a compilation of rooms that was being touted as ‘incredibly eclectic ’. The problem is that if you ascribe the word ‘eclectic’ to all the cookie-cutter, confused, junky (and migraine-inducing) rooms like the ones piled up in that listicle, you turn this beauty of a style into something banal, which is so-not-cool. If you don’t want to be a dip$hit, keep those hodge-podge hot messes off “Eclectic”- the super creative, the super confident, and undoubtedly the coolest home décor genre of all time! Now that I have got that off my chest, I would like to introduce you to the mistress of all things eclectic, the one and only Marie Olyssander. Ms. Olyssander is an Interior Stylist and the very fact that she’s being featured on Sintillating is a proof that she is beyond awesome, with a knack for mixing unexpected pieces to exquisite effect. What’s even cooler is that she does eclectic the Scandinavian way – clean and uncluttered! #beatthatb!tche$

 Ms. Olyssander has worked her magic on many homes that she has stayed in and today I will be giving you a tour of one of her initial, yet incredible, homes in the town of Arild, Sweden. If #vintage #eclectic #refurbished #antique #industrial #unconventional are regulars on your Instagram feed, this home is going to rock your world!

A Bolt From the Blue


The Takeaway: Sometimes it’s just a question of giving an old piece another chance, not only can they add interest but they may also have the potential to serve a purpose – just like this old blue boy who moved on from being a dresser to multi-tasking as a divider between the living and the kitchen, a kitchen island, and a smart storage space for dishware.

Artful Arrangements


The Takeaway: You can make that bulky, ungraceful (and dare I say, even ugly) piece of furniture that you inherited from grandma look like a rockstar, provided that you keep the palette contained—in this case, copper/brown, black, white, and throw in some modern trinkets for kicks.

Not too Old for the Club


The Takeaway: An army of heavy-duty antiques in different styles can work together, provided that you establish a common thread. In this case all 3 massive pieces, i.e. the 2 couches and a cupboard are all straight-lined and of similar proportion, yet their incredible sense of style (dressed in velvet, leather and weathered respectively) keeps them from being overshadowed. Thereafter, you could throw in a quirky coffee table for fun, a curvy & colourful floor lamp to break the monotony, and a chandelier personalised with personal drawings and notes for oodles of warmth.

Dope Displays


The Takeaway: The way you mix things up is ultimately how you bring in personality and make the décor pack some serious punch! So dive in – experiment and edit, edit, edit, till you get it right.

Door Digger


The Takeaway: Find your art in other people’s trash! It’s not just pragmatic and good for the environment, but it can also do wonders to the aesthetics of your home.

No More Monday Blues


The Takeaway: More like a note to myself: get down and dirty and create a home office as sexy as this as an investment in your meagre productivity.

 Something Theatrical


The Takeaway: Putting your fear away and taking a ballsy stand re: design can create a whole new level of sophistication, even in a room jam-packed with fabulousness!

 The Suite Life


The Takeaway: Inspired use of fabrics, wall dressing, and accessories can fill any room with warmth and comfort.

Drop Dead Views


The Takeaway: To complement such glorious views, decorate from your heart: the old worn leather sofa whose every stain comes with a story, the feather lamp shade with a whiff of oomph, the chunky desk so casually aristocratic, the rusty Bertoia wire chair for a sense of history, paintings and other souvenirs brought back from travels in faraway lands to spark happy memories… Cozy! Cozy! Cozy!

Mirror Bounty


The Takeaway: Hang them on a wall, or sit them on your kitchen counter or let one laze on your floor. Have them framed or keep them frameless or rustic or gilded. Do whatever strikes your fancy and these shiny, cheeky reflectors will come out a winner.

(all images are via Pinterest) 

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