Sin-tillating: An Eclectic Loft brimming with flea market finds

Lofts are like Matthew McConaughey, blessed with insanely good genes (high ceilings, giant windows/columns, no boundaries/ open floor plan, etc) and even if you do nothing to them, they’d still look good. They also tend to leave me giddy and googly-eyed, just like McConaughey does. Now imagine a fully pimped up loft, bursting at the seams with the style and personality of its denizen. I really don’t care about how it’s decorated, but I LOUU IT’ coz’, (i) it’s a loft ; (ii) it lays bare the soul of the person who stays here, (iii) it doesn’t give two hoots about the “Decorating Rules”; and (iv) it I.N.S.P.I.R.E.S me and makes me want to create homes which celebrate the quirks & eccentricities of the people who live there and not push their personalities under their expensive carpet!

 Btw, the dude with the loft that rules, is Mitch Alfus, the notorious leather king of New York! Now, go take notes and get at least a teeny-weeny bit adventurous with your home. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Dine & Wine

1 wine & dine

 Note: It’s possible to create delish settings with simple flea market finds!

 Kitchen Tales

2. Kitchen Tales

Note: Going heavy handed with colour and gloss with one big element in a space with overall gypsy bohemian vibes results in an arresting contrast.

Random Paraphernalia

3. Random Paraph

Note: It’s ok to be a visual omnivore. As long as you love them all and tie them together through some similarity (colour, era, randomness meter, etc.), the odds are fairly high that they’ll work together.

Day Dreams

4. Day Dreams

Note: All you need is an army of vintage rugs in saturated, complementary hues to pull together a mishmash of eclectic finds that have nothing in common.

 Not just any Art

5. Not just any art

Note: Use something unique as art and do it in multiples to make it look deliberate. Remember, the key is Presentation!  Presentation! Presentation!

Funky Displays & Collections

6. Funky Displays

Note: Interesting treasures await within your humble home to be discovered and transformed into decorative displays and collections. Start hunting…

 Hard at Work

7. hard at work

Note: For a cozy home, you want the size of your furnishings to match the volume of the space. So either decorate with oversized pieces or a cluster of small ones and bring them down to eye level to create visual interest.

 Bohemian Dreams 

8. bohemian dreams

Note: Loft or no loft, toy storage is going to be on top of my list for any kids room design.

 Bathroom Quirks

9. Bathroom Quirks

 Note: Sometimes an odd touch is what takes a room from drab to fab!


(all images are via Trendland) 

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