Hot off the Press: Sin-tillating!

As Julia Child once said; “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it”! Even with me vigorously nodding my head in agreement, I gotta tell Julia that the ‘keeping tremendously interested in it’ part – that shit ain’t easy! Getting your hands on ‘inspiration’ (basically things that make your jaw drop, challenge you and make you think differently, recharge your creative batteries, push you to explore and to act and to feel) is like being on a treasure hunt, you’ve to sift through a whole lot of junk to get to things that BLOW YOUR MIND!

So, with the New Year’s adrenaline still pumping, I hereby present to you ‘Sin-tillating’: a brand new series featuring all things delicious, inspiring, & inventive, that grab me by the lapel and then kick me in the ass, all with the good intention of leaving me motivated (mediocrity has no home here)! Now while ‘inspiration’ has this habit of suddenly jumping at you out of nowhere and when you’re least expecting it, it’s safe to say at least 70% of this goodness enters my life through movies, spaces, people, images (mostly Pinterest, ha), & imagery. And that, gentle reader, is exactly what’s going to be on offer at MoS.

I, the ‘Mistress of Sins’ (my dear friend just screamed ‘so BDSM’ but let’s ignore her), truly, (+madly+deeply) hope that you find ‘Sin-tillating’ just as scintillating as I do! That said, here’s the first one of the series: Checking in at The Grand Budapest Hotel ! May this be the best thing you’ve laid your peepers on all day!

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