Healthy Oatmeal & Banana Pancakes

After that rather long account of past events, it’s time for a fun recipe. Now who doesn’t love pancakes? Husboo and I adore them & until few years ago, we had them for breakfast almost every other day. We would pick up Betty Crocker’s pancake mix & gobble down our pancakes with either nutella or bananas with dollops of honey. But with the reshuffling of our eating habits, our pancake days went right out of the kitchen window. Pancakes were strictly consumed only during our breakfast outings, which was a terrible shame. A major craving one day lead to a search for healthy pancake recipes on Pinterest & the very next morning we were back at our dining table gobbling ‘yummy nutritious guilt-free pancakes”.

Pinterest is loaded with millions of recipes so I had to refine my search to get hold of the easiest recipes of the lot. I narrowed down on 2 recipes, did a slight mix & match (as I didn’t have all the ingredients for one) & made these delish pancakes, which on popular demand by husboo, are now flipped in my kitchen every week. Hope all you conscious ladies with a foodie heart & all the rock-star moms (especially the ones I know) looking for an exciting yet healthy breakfast /snack for the little ones, give it a try.


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