Guide to ultra cool hipster shopping in Seminayak, Bali

WARNING: If your plan is to have a do-nothing, swim in the ocean/laze on the beach all day long or dive into the fascinating, rich Balinese culture kind of holiday, dismissing petty mundane things like shopping, I suggest you venture nowhere near the Seminayak shopping strips! Despite your best intentions, if you do end up there, in no time you’ll be down on your knees rapidly depleting your bank balance. This is not some touristy beach town shopping (well, that’s there too), it is a serious encounter with ‘blow your mind’ fashion, art, and homeware, that scream ‘take me home’ at mind-numbing decibels! To prevent an overload of information, I’ll be dividing my recommendations into two posts: (i) fashion & (ii) decor.

While the hipster streets of Seminayak are packed with delicious boutiques and stores, for a wardrobe with a bit of an edge, these here must sit right on top of your hit list:




The go-to-spot to stock up on truly avant-garde and stand-out pieces! This locally crafted label is being flaunted by the likes of Kesha, Suki Waterhouse, Lana Del Ray, all known for their rather unique sense of style! If you’d like to follow suit, get your hands on this funkstar label on my all time favourite site ‘Nasty Gal’ here. (images via)


version2With its no-nonsense take on grunge, this wildly popular London label is at the forefront of alternative clothing (fan following includes Agyness Dean & Rihanna). Their designs & prints are funky without being clichéd / in-your-face – which is exactly what makes me yearn for them! Till you get to hit them up during your travels, savour them at our dear and trusted friend “ASOS” here. (images via)

The People Vs.


A place for wardrobe basics, as some may say, but these are basics with an attitude and just the right amount of cool. With a funky spin on vintage prints infused with modern silhouettes, if I were ever to style Lykee Li, I’d totally make her rock this rad label (irrespective of the fact that my help keeps insisting on discarding my super holey tees from here)! Do check out their online store here. It’s kind of steep at $ 40/- but they do ship worldwide. (images via)



Sequin hoarders, this is your mother ship! This snazzy store stocks super slick sequin clothing, in bold shapes & fits, best suited for fashion bravehearts! Sure, it’s expensive (ranging from 10k to 40k INR) but if you’re happy to splurge every once in a while on a piece that makes your heart do cartwheels, you will find it difficult to leave empty-handed (I, eventually, surrendered on my last day). (cover+images via)

 This is a love song


This I tell you is one groovy label which takes a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to colours and outrageous cuts! They apparently started off as an underground bar visited by the likes of Bjork and now in their own words they’re on a mission to make sure all music junkies and festival whores have something rad to wear! Well, I love them to bits! Pop over to their FB page here, to get hold of their online stockists. (images via)


PicMonkey Collage

With the ‘it’ girl Cara Delevingne seen bumming around the beach in their tees and bikinis, their eclectic and fun merchandise is perfect for summer shindigs. Think spunky tees, ripped shorts, colourful bikinis: exactly the kind of stuff you’d want to pack to have fun in the sun.  Goa, here I come! (images via)



Stocking a mash-up of truly impressive indie labels, this is a great place to discover hip emerging brands! Think casual, wearable clothing with a punch of ultra cool, off-duty sensibility. And, guess what, investing in these killer labels ain’t gonna burn a hole in your pocket!  Btw, they also have an online store and they ship worldwide! Check it out here(images via)

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