Goods of Desire: Guide to eclectic home decor shopping in Seminayak, Bali

Finally, after sitting on it for almost a month, I present to you the last remaining post from my Bali series: Must Visit Stores in Seminayak, Bali (if you are looking to give a delish facelift to your home)! Hopefully, all you artsy souls looking for eclectic, bohemian goodies to brighten up your homes, will be well served by this list.


hobo Collage

HOBO is absolute heaven for design aficionados – walk into the store and immediately feel inspired! Their products are sort of old-school meets bohemian-chic and every single piece exudes originality! Next time I am there, I am bringing those batik wrapped chairs back home with me! (images via)

Kody & Ko 

kody collage final

This little boutique is loaded with quirky, cheerful, and fun pieces! Pop inspired home goods are the order of the day – from funky artwork to neon colored Buddhas to painted pop skulls to unusual furniture: they have it all! If you enjoy the bright & eccentric, Kody & Ko mustn’t be missed! (images via)

From1Secret Gallery

secretallery Collage

If contemporary art is what you are after, then this is the place to go. Unlike the usual art galleries, it has a relaxed and friendly vibe and it carries some truly eclectic artwork which is sure to perk up your home! I, personally, loved their light box mirrors with funky slogans! (images via)

Samantha Robinson

samantha Collage

Looking to pimp up your dining table? Grab some stunning ceramic tableware from Samantha Robinson. Her handmade porcelains are full of colour and delicate designs and also quite popular amongst culinary masters like Jamie Oliver and Kylie Kwong. While she may be best known for her imperfectly-perfect watermelon bowls, it’s the gorgeous teapots that are my favourite. (images via)

Cave and Cove

cave Collage

This spunky store is meant for the lover of things a bit more extraordinary. You’ll find everything from artwork to curios to furniture and whole host of other accessories, each piece loaded with a real boho flavour! A great stop for those interested in unusual and one-of-a-kind gifts. For me, it’s their ‘Guardian of the Durrie’ that takes the cake. (images via)

Toko Emporium

toko Collage

A fun place to discover fantastic home accessories! This cool and quirky store has something fun to offer to everyone. Anything you pick up from here is sure to bring joy to your home – mine will be pretty pleased with that Buffalo skull! (images via)

 Capiz Shell Chandeliers

chandelier Collage

No, this ain’t a store. It’s just that if you’re in Bali it would be a horrible mistake to come home without one of these gorgeous capiz shell chandeliers/chimes. There are dozens of shops selling these in all colours and sizes – be sure to bargain though. These stores are experts at packing so don’t stress about transit damage- my baby arrived in one piece! Trust me you’ll be thankful that you lugged it around or paid that little extra for baggage, every single time the wind makes this beauty sing! (images via)


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