Funky Floors: Offbeat flooring ideas for the home

Remember all the cribbing I did in my last post about not having enough say in choosing my flooring (they didn’t even have Pinterest back then to handhold and introduce me to awesome stuff! Ok fine! maybe… it had just got launched. It was like a nobody!). So, if someone ever agrees to sponsor a floor makeover at my place or if I (am lucky  enough to) build another house or may be score some super cool assignments of ‘styling’ homes for design digging souls, I’d definitely incorporate  some of the flooring ideas I have here to bring some fun to otherwise boring floors that we tolerate in our lives. Folks, please feel free to funk up your homes with these beauties!

Stained & Polished Concrete

Concrete Collage

This buttery concrete gorgeousness is on top of my list! I love it so much that I am willing to plaster it throughout my house and redo the interiors for the entire house (in my dreams that is). And in this dream renovation, I’d pair this gleaming colourful floor with all things shabby-chic (think white, painted, distressed, lots of crystal accents, etc). for a pop twist to a whimsy space, which will be perfect to hold artsy shindigs and have people smoke some […] and admire my design skills over a bag of  ‘Hot Chips’.

Recycled Leather Belts

Leather Collage

This one here is a major badass! Now before you go all PETA on me, it’s made of recycled vintage leather belts. I can imagine a patch of it somewhere in a quiet nook with dark moody walls and a big, fat, comfy lounge chair on which I sit with lots of brass and gold accents in sight and discuss steampunk with this bad boy underneath. Time to gather up all the unwanted leather from friends and family. And, dear Mother (if you’re reading this), will you please donate that ‘larger than life’ brass plate, that has been hanging for the past 25 years in that ‘not visible to the eye’ spot, to your daughter in need?

Patchwork Tiles

tile Collage

This one totally makes a design statement! The best part is that it would allow me to get super duper creative without breaking the bank. My strategy here will be to mix and match in contrasting colours and patterns to create super quirky patches in a few carefully chosen areas. May be I’ll even pretend that it’s some serious ‘floor art installation’ by an artist when I entertain fancy folks at home.


brick Collage

This one may look all rough and rustic but it’s BIG in attitude! I’d go super glam with interiors for a contrasting high-end vibe (velvet, lace, mirrors, chandeliers). Did someone say ‘not appropriate for indoor spaces’? Such ‘let’s cling to the rules forever and ever’ attitude is the biggest enemy of anything and everything creative! If you love it and if it doesn’t mess with the functioning of the space, GO DO IT (like The Wise Lady once said ‘Rules are meant to be broken’)! Time to brick up your indoors now!

All White

white Collage

How I’d love to be greeted by calm & crisp white floors every time I walk into my place! No, not those cream vitrified tiles! Think painted wood or even white concrete (art gallery style)! Now, don’t you underestimate this one: whatever may be your style modern, moody, pop, glam, goth, etc., matched with the right decor, pure white flooring has the potential to kick ass irrespective of its circumstances. I am thinking art deco with a severe twist.

[images via Pinterest]

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