Chapter iv: Things i wish someone had told me when i first started decorating ThomasVille

Rum soaked goodies have started pouring into my house and all the sweetness around me is making me want to be all nice and helpful. Hence, this holiday season, as a gesture of goodness and bonhomie, MOS is doling out some learnings on basic things you should focus on getting right before you move into your beloved new apartment. If you pay heed, you will save yourself from committing interior faux pas and many a pretty penny (i.e. if you have any left after you bought the house).


electrical Collage

Unless you’re going all industrial chic in your decor, plan your electrical well. Plan! Plan! Plan! If you plan on introducing chandeliers, decorative ceiling and wall fixtures, spot lighting, plan and fix the position/placement of fixtures in advance. Do not leave your cable and internet connections out of this critical strategy. Trust me, you won’t enjoy the sight of wires/ their casings running along your walls and ceilings. If you ignore this great piece of advice, your life, just like mine, will be full of adventures, which include cutting into your walls to convert wall lights into ceiling lights and making a mess of your paint job, or staring endlessly at a stray wire around your beauty of a chandelier and then turning to alcohol to ease the pain (excuses, excuses). If you aren’t keen on such thrills, invest in planning first and let the fixtures join in for the after party instead!

Bathroom/Vanity Countertops

Countertop Collage final

Do not just stand and nod at the vanity top that the builder decides to bring to your doorstep. They deserve as much attention as their larger brethren, the kitchen counter top, and you must totally pick something that warms your soul (trust me, vanity tops can do that for you) and works well with the colour of the cabinets, the tiles, the faucet finish, and the overall scheme of that particular bathroom. It’s worth paying out of your own pocket and getting this right, else, like me, you must forever hold your peace ‘coz replacing these will be a massive job! Btw, just so you know, I did not for a second ignore my vanity tops and blindly let the builder be in charge but because of budgetary constraints, I chose from the insanely limited options provided by the builder and then got tiles and faucets which worked well with it. The problem is that they don’t WARM MY SOUL, which is extremely disturbing. I could have held off on the gorgeous carved mirror in the bathroom and invested in counter tops I really loved but now one silly greedy mistake has brought suffering on my soul. Save your soul while you can.

Air Conditioners

ac Collage

Plan the placement of your splits in advance! While this hideous looking thing is a necessity (even in the generally gorgeous Bangalore weather), you do not have to let it sit where the builder decided to provision for it. I do understand that function really needs to follow form here, but a little design forethought may help you hide it in plain sight (and will save you a world of pain). Thanks to the continued deterioration in Bangalore summers, an ugly little monster was added as an afterthought in one of my bedrooms, completely throwing my killer plan to have people focus on the birdcage chandelier upon entering the room. Now, this little devil seems to have taken center-stage. I told husboo the other day that I hate it as much as I hate Jon Snow – and Jon Snow is the only person I hate in this whole wide world (because he knows nothing). So don’t let hatred fill your heart, go plan!

  Switch Plates

switch Collage

These are commonly ignored pieces of hardware in most homes: usually found lurking around in white plastic finishes. Why? Because, it’s ok to be mean to small things which mainly exist for function sake only? Would it be fine if I were to propose that all of us ladies must now stop spending a fortune on saksy lingerie (even if it’s on sale)? Now all of you who declined my proposition are required to be super nice to your switch plates: either get those super pretty decorative ones that work well with the decor of that particular room, or, at least get them painted the colour of the wall which will allow them to visually blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb. And, because I have a extremely soft corner for good lingerie, I’ve already commenced the annoying process of replacing the ones in my home. Hope you love the little things as much as I do.


door Collage final

It’s about time we stood up for our darling doors! Doors may play more of a supporting actor role as opposed to being the stars of the show, but without due attention to this supporting character you will never be able to make a hit. Imagine Harry Potter without Ron Weasely or Frodo without Sam (shudder the thought)! Exactly, that ain’t gonna be fun! So give your doors the love they deserve and make sure you give it before you move in. I am in the process of designing my workspace at home and while it’s all planned to the T and all I got to do is press the start button, I just haven’t had the courage to get it started. Why? Because the kick off point is those pesky doors. Unless I finish the doors, I can’t start the walls, and only once I finish the doors and walls, I can bring in the furniture and other accessories. It’s not just that the idea of being door-less for a few days is not appealing, it’s also that the main door and all the trims can’t be sent away, so having someone work on it at home is even worse. If you’re unsure of what you want to do with your doors, just ask the builder to give you unpolished doors and you will be in a much better position than I am in when it’s time to jazz them up.


ceiling Collage final

Never settle for the white ceilings the builder bestows upon you. While you must treat your ceilings as a blank canvas and include them in the overall decor of the room, the least you can do is have them evened out using POP. Realising this later and having someone do up your ceiling after you have moved in is like knowingly setting yourself up for days of torture and allergies! In my case, I did do up some of my ceiling space, and in spaces with white walls I just painted them the same white as the walls. But my gorgeous library with antique red paint work and dark wood paneled walls fell victim to this serious faux pas. Imagine a room with deep dark antique tones, and then, when you look up, there is this stark white ceiling! It could make me barf.

 There, now you know what wonderfully excruciating reparative tasks my immediate future holds for me! I hope this helps you better lay out your plans than I did mine. I’m off for a cup of hot toddy to combat sniffles and stuffy head. Happy December!

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