It’s time for me to release the hound & let it go bonkers! Through MOS, I will share my style aesthetic: my wardrobe, my home, my food, my ideas, & much more.


As lame as it may sound, I am incredibly passionate about fashion! No budget, small budget, good budget, whatever budget it may be, my relationship with fashion has withstood the sands of time. All things baggy, sequined, & distressed, fall in my comfort zone, & everything else is where adventure lies. A mix of local street, high street, a couple of good tailors (a denim specialist simply refuses to touch other materials), a local upcoming designer (crazy passionate), a local established designer (friggin’ good), a few excursions in funky fabric shops, & a bit of an imagination, is all that’s needed to make all your fashion dreams come true (& yeah, as you probably guessed, DIY is not my thing!).

In terms of beauty, I have come to realise that less is more, natural cosmetics beat chemical cocktails, anything teamed with fresh skin works well, & Baz Luhrmann was dead right when he said ‘always wear sunscreen’!

Basically, a breakdown of my style & my experiments, combined with tips, information, & ideas is what’s to be expected here.


Decor (of all sorts!) makes me go weak in my knees! No, really! Decorating a home = overwhelming. I’ve decorated a home myself, from scratch (i.e. at a point when it had no walls, no floor), with my mind bursting at the seams with a million ideas, but with no budget to speak of (& with a partner with special fondness for materials, finishes, & fabrics in vibrant colours such as beige, brown, tan, sandstone = a man in desperate need of some serious prodding). I can tell you that it requires persistence, profound passion, & above all, patience!

Some of the many highlights of this roller-coaster ride includes a 6 hour hunt in Chikpet for perfect kitchen cabinet handles (& discovering a treasure of antiques), painting a room in 3 different colours within 48 hours, doing an ‘all-nighter’ scraping white paint off of the jet black living room floor, receiving a truck full of custom-made broken furniture after 7 months of wait (& shedding buckets of tears). And, what more, I have been at it for 4 years & from the looks of it, I will continue to be at it for at least another 4 years!

In addition to sharing my style, experiences, tips, passion, inspiration & love for decor, I promise to introduce you to an Indian home packed with punch & (much needed) fresh thinking.


Snap, snap, boom! That’s the sound of my body exploding. After being declared the queen of all deficiencies, allergies, & being tested for diabetes 3 times in less than a year (and no, I am, fortunately, not diabetic), I decided to invite ‘healthy’ home (which leaves a lot of room to stuff my face outside). So far it has resulted in the following: a move from absolutely no cooking to some cooking (i.e. all things healthy but mostly easy & quick), from yawning away during my yoga classes to being a yoga devotee, from being absolutely clueless as to what’s in my kitchen to carefully stocking up my kitchen with minimal/no preservatives & more organic & fresh produce, from being a sugar junkie to being a jaggery lover, from ‘ who bothers with Ayurveda’ to ‘you go, Ayurveda’!

For someone who loves good food, good wine, & a good party, practicing moderation has been key. So, here you can expect to see my attempts at achieving ‘healthy’ in a moderate but sustained manner: through recipes, products, experiences, & more.


I have the best travel partner in the world, period. He ‘always’ manages to fill our entire itinerary to the brim with deliciously darling food & meaningless wandering. And, I struggle to come up with a better way to sample the numerous delights of other lands. So, I just tag along & have a ball! And then there are times, I just venture off on my own, exploring the world at my own pace.Here you can expect to see: lovely food – both street side & fancy fine dining, local markets, shops, & whatever else strikes my fancy. Also, any train of thought unable to find its place in other categories, will by default become ‘lifestyle’. Ha! what a smarty pants!