She has just about had enough of being a nice, polite, well mannered, ‘Victorian’ lady! You can’t really blame her though as every creature in Wonderland looks so much spunkier than her! While she may want to up the ante, she also wouldn’t want to go all out – cautious of losing her place as the protagonist of the fairytale (or maybe just so as not to upset her long-time fans). So, it’s got to be just enough to keep up with the changing times, you see.

After elaborate research, she seems to have taken inspiration from the most imaginative and eccentric Harajuku street style (PVC clothing, ruffles, oversized accessories, sweet Lolita make-up) and yet retained the Alice way (How wonder-ous!). Now, she can get back to being a rather spunky wandering waif and have her wonder and curiosity take her over the edge of reality, down the rabbit hole.

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